Are you missing most or all of your teeth? Dr. Kenneth Schweizer and Dr. Jillian Porto may recommend dentures in Sarasota, Florida. A denture is a removable appliance that replaces the missing teeth and surrounding tissues of your smile. At our dental office, we offer partial dentures and complete dentures. Partial dentures are used when one or more teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. Complete dentures are used when all of the natural teeth are missing. Talk to our dentists to find out which type or denture is right for you.

Once our dentists in Sarasota, FL decide which type of denture is right for you, the denture making process takes a few weeks and several appointments. Our dentists will make several impressions of your jaw and take measurements of how your jaws relate to each other. Models are created in the exact shape and position of your future dentures. Our dentists will have you try on these models several times so the color, shape, and fit can be assessed. When everything is satisfactory, the final denture is cast. Any final adjustments are made as needed. 


The benefits of dentures are more than just cosmetic. Opting to have this common dental procedure is a good way to avoid future issues for clients whose natural teeth are beyond repair. Because they also look and perform just like natural teeth. dentures have multiple advantages, including:

  • Allowing you to eat foods you otherwise would not be able to eat
  • Preventing painful bone loss
  • Improving your speech
  • Supporting your facial muscles
  • Easy to clean and care for

Dentures are identical in color and appearance to natural teeth, meaning no one will know you have them unless you share that information. They’re also a much healthier alternative to living with damaged or decaying teeth. Dentures can help alleviate chronic bad breath and will give your self esteem a boost in the right direction.

Dentures can also improve your physical health by alleviating infection and decay inside your mouth. Before fitting you for dentures, your dental professional will remove broken, decayed, and damaged teeth that contribute to swelling and painful abscesses in your gums. 


Caring for your new dentures is almost as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Just remember that they’re easy to break if dropped. For this reason, you should always place them on a soft towel or in a dental appliance box when not in use. Keep your new dentures away from children and pets who may find them too interesting to avoid. Dentures are strong but not impervious to damage. You should also avoid losing or misplacing your new dentures. For these reasons, it’s best to keep them somewhere that’s private and safe from guests and other family members.

Most dentures require regular rinsing after eating. This means you’ll want to remove them from your mouth and rinse them thoroughly to remove any stuck-on food particles. You’ll also want to brush your dentures with a soft brush and toothpaste designed for dentures at least every other day. At night, many clients remove their dentures to soak in a glass filled with water and special cleaning products made specifically for this purpose, though it’s not necessary to remove your new dentures for sleeping.

You should wear your new dentures as much as possible throughout the day and night to help prevent the onset of bone loss, which may be a painful condition. Wearing your dentures also helps to strengthen the muscles in your face and will go a long way toward preventing a sunken appearance around your mouth.

If you care for dentures properly, they’ll perform well for you, and they’ll last a lifetime. They’re a wonderful alternative to living with broken and damaged teeth, and they’ll give your smile a bright and shining boost you’ll love.